Saturday, December 03, 2022

There's A Reason They Call Them S-Hole Countries

So picture this scenario:

You're a Canadian flight crew about to depart from the Dominican Republic with your passengers. During your pre-flight walk-around, you find someone has shoved eight duffel bags full of cocaine into the avionics bay.

Not only is this hella illegal, it is rather dangerous. The avionics bay is not for cargo and shoving those bags in there creates a fire hazard not to mention the potential for damage and interference to systems that keep the aircraft on course and flying.

So you do the right thing and inform the Dominican authorities and the RCMP about the cocaine.

The result is all your flight crew gets arrested and then held for almost 8 months in the Dominican Republic.

They then were released not from Canadian government pressure, or say the Dominican Republic completing its investigation. Instead the case was dropped when a CTV news crew came to the DR and started asking questions.  

The Flight Crew was apparently not even interviewed once in the over 7 months they were held.

Kudos to CTV's W5 news team for getting their fellow Canadians released.

CTV: Pivot Airlines crew back in Canada after being trapped in Dominican Republic since spring


pigpen51 said...

This sort of begs the question, if this had not been Canada, but the U.S., would the CIA have stepped in, quietly taken the coke, and the flight been allowed to embark post haste?

B said...

Let this be a lesson:
quietly call the RCMP, take off, and have them meet you where the rule of law is still mostly intact.

Aaron said...

pigpen51: That may imply a high level of effectiveness by the CIA that they likely no longer have since going all woke.

B: Yep, that likely would be a much better course of action, I'm pretty sure Pivot Airlines is changing their operations accordingly.

Old NFO said...

Interesting... And an even more interesting outcome...

Rick T said...

The TV crew is lucky they didn't get jugged too...