Friday, December 02, 2022

Apparently, There Is A New And Exclusive Exemption To Michigan's Concealed Carry Laws

The State of Michigan provides for a nominally 5-year felony if you happen to unlawfully carry a firearm concealed without a concealed pistol license (or unless you have another exemption, but let's not race down that rabbit-hole right now).

There appears however to be a neat new exemption from full and final enforcement of this law when you're caught violating it.

Apparently it is unwritten so far in the statutes, but it is now colloquially known as the College Ball Player Exemption.

The Detroit News: Mazi Smith, Michigan defensive lineman, charged with carrying concealed weapon

The Detroit Free Press:Michigan football's Mazi Smith will 'continue to participate' on team despite felony charge

Yes, Wolverine football star Mazi Smith was caught riding dirty with a pistol and no CPL and no driver's license for that matter.

Given this happened in Washtenaw County, home of the UofM and a very progressive and very anti-gun prosecutor, who is publicly all about taking illegal guns off the streets, stopping gun violence, etc, you'd think the law might be enforced to its fullest for such a slam dunk "gun" crime. 

Think again.   

This is the same prosecutor that dropped the CCW Felony charge against B-ball player Emoni Bates. Given the UofM Wolverine's very winning season this year, Mazi Smith is an even bigger name than Ypsi's Emoni, and Mazi Smith is also Black as well, so I reckon he will get the same special College Ball Player Exemption to the felony charge.

Indeed Mazi is also getting the Wolverine special "Let him play ball with pending felony charges" because he's a "tremendous young man". You can't make that up.

Stay tuned, and we will see where this goes, but I know which way I'm betting as to how this turns out. 


SpartanF3nc3r said...

It would be hard to find someone that disliked (ok, straight up hates) UMich more than me. However, the rumors I'm hearing through UMich superfans (so incredibly unreliable sources) are that there was some confusion about the 45 day receipt serving as CPL/storage requirements and the pistol was cased in the car, but not stored per Michigan law for pistol-in-car (which, without a CPL (as you know, but for other readers) is incredibly strict).

That he's playing with pending felony charges is clear UMich bias, and if it was a MSU player they would be publicly calling for resignations and disparaging the coach for bringing on thugs. However, it sounds at least somewhat plausibly like a dumb mistake better settled with a nollo than carrying charges through to completion.

Old NFO said...

It will go away... simple answer...