Thursday, June 17, 2021

How To Be A Bunch of Ungrateful Snits - University of Michigan Edition

The University of Michigan is now offering free tuition to any high school student admitted to the University whose parents earn under $65,000.

The Detroit Free Press: U-M extends Go Blue Guarantee free tuition program to Flint, Dearborn campuses.

But there's a catch - you have to have a high school GPA of 3.5 to qualify.

For leftist activists, that's apparently a problem.

Apparently such generosity is not welcome, because expecting students to study for their grades in high school is now an expectation that is both racist and classist - yes really.

Students spent all morning celebrating this victory, only to find out there's a *3.5* GPA requirement — which is not present in Ann Arbor. This is a classist, racist requirement that implies only 'hard working' students deserve an education. I'm devastated," Amytess Girgis, an activist for more funding for Dearborn and Flint who graduated from the Ann Arbor campus in May,  tweeted as the expansion was announced. Girgis will be a 2021 Rhodes Scholar in November.

Could Rhodes perhaps revoke granting their scholarship for this twit?  

How the heck is insisting on a 3.5 GPA a "classist, racist requirement".  If this twit is devastated from the idea that hard working students should get a free ride and those with sub-par GPAs should not, she maybe isn't ready for the realities of life,  nor to be a Rhodes scholar.

After all, The University is offering Free Tuition to these students.  

At UofM, tuition for in-state students is between 16-18k per year, so that 's $68,000 or so for an undergraduate degree that these students (including illegals living in Michigan) are being given gratis. Is it too much to expect that they can't study sufficiently to earn a 3.5 GPA in high school in return for such largesse?  

I'll note that if your family earns 66k or more and you have a 4.0 you get bupkis under this program.  As UofM is notorious for not giving out merit scholarships, it is unlikely you'll see money for your effort as a student, which is a pity - as will be your student loans of 68k while a student with a family earning $1,000 a year less will get a free ride.

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Old NFO said...

Then the should cancel ALL of the bennies... ALL OF THEM! THat way every body is equal...