Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Little Hosta And Chill Action

This morning we had some visitors to the backyard.

 Mommy and fawn strolled right in, nibbled on some hostas and then headed into the treeline.

The momma deer then came back to the backyard after hiding the fawn and is just lying down chilling about a dozen feet away from the house, without a worry in the world.  She's been lying there for a couple hours taking a break from all her fawncare responsibilities.

She clearly sees us looking at her from the windows, and reacts to our movement, but doesn't seem to mind at all.


drjim said...

We don't see them in the backyard here because everybody's yard is fenced, but we see them on and in the street at various times of the year. Several miles outside of town we see them everywhere. They're pretty to look at, but eat everything in sight if you don't fence it off.

Old NFO said...

I've seen them in my neighborhood in Alexandria, VA when I was there...