Wednesday, June 23, 2021

It Would Take A Heart Of Stone Not To Laugh At East Lansing Residents

In the news, and it must be a slow news day over in EL,  East Lansing residents are complaining about noise from traffic along the main drag in the city.

East Lansing info: “Unbearably Ridiculous” Noise from Cars and Motorcycles Is Riling East Lansing Residents

But, the woke residents there also don't want police in the area, nor having police enforce minor infractions - like, you know, noise complaints.

Wing said that officers from the East Lansing Police Department are not helping so far as she can see.

. . .

Responding to complaints from people like Worth and Wing, at the June 8 meeting, East Lansing Police Chief Kim Johnson said that his officers had tried showing up in the West Grand River Ave. area to help, only to be asked by one resident to leave because that resident didn’t want armed police hanging out in the neighborhood.

Johnson said police were doing their best, but it is clear that with this issue, as with many others, ELPD now finds itself caught between people who want enforcement against disturbances of the peace by things like loud parties, fireworks, and noisy motorcycles, and people who want the police to back off of enforcement of non-violent offenses.

There have definitely been mixed messages on policing issues like this, with Council taking actions such as revising the disorderly conduct code to reduce the likelihood of a person being prosecuted for a “minor” offense while also wanting the police to stop motorcyclists for making loud noises – something that might be seen as a minor offense.

So get woke, push to defund the police, complain about their presence, insist they don't enforce the law on minor infractions, and revise city code to not enforce prosecution for minor offenses, and then complain when they don't enforce the law on minor infractions that are affecting your quality of life.

Next step:  Act all surprised when your woke policy of having the police not enforce minor infractions leads to higher crime in both minor and major categories, as minor crimes go unpunished and major offenders are not interdicted by being caught for a minor crime prior to their committing a major crime. 

Funny how that happens, eh?


Chuck Pergiel said...

Some people don't want their problem fixed, they like having something to complain about. They've been complaining all their lives and when all their problems have been solved, their reaction is not to relax, but to find, or make, a new problem to complain about.

Old NFO said...

If I were the LEOs, I'd walk away... And tell the later callers go see Mr/Mrs. XXXX they don't want us in the neighborhood.