Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

So my Dad is in town for a few days and we're rather enjoying his visit.

Since he's a baseball fan, last night I took him to the Tigers v Mariners game.

It's the first baseball game I've gone to in person in many years. I splurged for some decent seats on the first base line.

Got there and parking was easy.  The game was delayed for 45 minutes on account of rain, so we walked around the stadium looking at the various Detroit Tiger history and artifacts on display.

The game began at 7:45.

The crowd was very sparse but lively.

 We got a lot of foul balls dropped in our area, with a guy just off to my right catching one in the first inning.  The overcast sky let you pick them out pretty easily as they came down.

The Tigers scored three runs in the first with Eric Haase hitting in a 2-run honer, which was a promising start and a great hit. 

Manuel Cabrera played his 2,500th game which is impressive.  At 38 he's still a rock for the Tigers and hasn't lost a step at first base.  He did get struck when at bat by the Mariner's pitcher which led to some angry boos from the fans.

A rainbow popped out when the score was 4-2 Tigers.

 The Tigers were going through pitchers like most people change their underwear, going through 5 pitchers in the game with 4 of them pitching one inning or even less.   

The pitching staff got into quite a few pickles,  for example by walking the bases full for the Mariners as they struggled to find the plate, and with Jimenez committing two errors that hurt, but they managed to pull it off in the end with a score of 5-3 for the Tigers to win it.

A great and exciting game to watch in person and my dad had a great time.


Pigpen51 said...

I watched most of this game on TV last night. I have always supported them, even took my dad to one of the last games that they played at Tiger Stadium. Glad you were able to see this one.
Even with them being in a rebuilding year, they are playing decently. And some of the young pitchers are being impressive. Eric Haase continues to impress, having gotten a chance to play as a short term fill in, and playing so well, that he just won't let them send him back down. A real feel good story.
My son took me to the stadium a few years ago, and it is a beautiful facility. I live much closer to West Michigan, being almost due west in Muskegon, and they do things right there, also.
Have a great week, and get into the air, when the weather breaks.

Aaron said...

Pigpen51: It was a good game to take him to. Haase comes through when you need him to, that's for sure, hopefully they keepo him on the roster as hes good for the team. The new stadium is definetly done right and its worth a walk-around.

Thanks, will have some flying tales soon.