Friday, May 14, 2021

No Sympathy For BLM-Type That Blinded Helicopter Crew With A Laser

 The Detroit News:  Detroit Will Breathe' protestor blinded flight crew, feds say

 First, we can note that the dipstick in question, as can be seen in the photos in the article is rather on the pale side as is usual with the typical BLM/Antifa agitator.

Second, this asshat who blinded a flight crew of a helicopter and fought police claims to be a "street medic" at the demonstration.

Federal prosecutors Friday charged a "street medic" who participated in "Detroit Will Breathe” protests last year with shining a laser at a Detroit Police helicopter that temporarily blinded the crew.

Michael Sam Hurd, 32, of Fennville was charged with a felony punishable by up to five years in federal prison in one of the more serious charges to flow from protests in Detroit.

An awful lot of Antifa-type street medics seems to be up to very non-medical shenanigans while claiming to be medics, which is an act of perfidy that removes their status as "medics", as if they were ever entitled to any deference for using the term.  

Next, aiming a laser to blind a flight crew is a no-no, regardless of where it occurred or if it occurred during a protest/riot, and his lawyer doesn't quite get that:

    “This happened in the context of a Black Lives Matter demonstration going on so it is not like it took place at an airport or anything,” his lawyer David Cripps said.

That deflection attempt won't work counselor. Your asshat client blinded a flight crew over an urban area while in flight.  There are some obvious reasons why that is both a bad idea and a crime.

Good job on the investigation to catch this POS.  Lots of videotape that caught him in the act.

Hopefully Michael Sam Hurd gets the book thrown at him for his act of malicious stupidity.  Anyone shining lasers at people's eyes, whether in aircraft or not, should be prosecuted top the fullest.


Beans said...

One of these days, one of these laser-tag boys is going to find out that, by definition, shining a laser at someone's eyes is brandishing a weapon with intent to do bodily harm or some other legal version of 'causing harm with stuffs' and the cops' reaction is to use cupric-plumbum delivered at high velocity.

And it will be a justly deserved treatment.

The same with all the urban commandos who have airsoft guns because of prior felonies and point one with or without orange tips at a cop or a legal (or illegal) carrier of firearms.

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

Even stupider will be the eneMedia screaming about how the people defending themselves are the bad people, while the BoweLmovementMatters or pAntifas are the good non-gender-specific persons (can't say 'guys' anymore, according to them.)

Aaron said...

Beans: Yep, blinding someone is a permanent disfiguring bodily injury for which lethal force is permitted to defend against, at least in this state.

Sadly you're right about how the media already has, and will back and cover for the little black shirts.