Saturday, May 15, 2021

Cleaning The Plane And An EAA Exhibit

Today was our spring wash and wax at the flying club.

Beautiful day.  I pulled up tot he hangar at 8:30 and we got to work cleaning the planes. 

I then taxi'd N8428S to the wash stand, and 914P followed.

While we we were cleaning the planes at the wash stand,  the local EAA chapter held a pancake breakfast and a display of their planes.

This led to some fun as when we went to leave the washstand, we could not do the normal turn around as a lot of visitor vehicles were blocking the way.  


We had to stop, get pushed back 180 degrees and then go the opposite way to get back to the hangar rather than the normal loop.  Not a big deal but it was funny when some club members insisted we try to squeeze by first and that really didn't work.  Of course, had one truck owner parked a bit better and had his mirrors folder we coulda done it, bit no.

So planes all washed, waxed, and gleaming, and back in their hangars, we went to the EAA exhibit.


Most were Vans aircraft builds of various types.

There were a couple Vans RV-10s and I've always admired the specs of those planes.

One had quite the paint scheme:


The underside was painted like a eagle with wings at the wings which was very cool.

The interior was real nice as well.


Another RV-10 had a more standard paint scheme.

Great looking planes and a nice bunch of folks to chat with.

Not a bad way to start off a Saturday morning.


Stuart said...

Just so the non-aviation folks understand; waxing an airplane is a BIG deal. Lots of surface area. Much of it inconvenient. 10 atta boys to you and crew!

Old NFO said...

That's when you need beta range and the ability to back up...LOL

Aaron said...

Stuart - Thanks, with all the club showing up and working, it made for a pretty quick task to get them both cleaned up and shined up, and the planes look nicer and are a tad speedier as a result.

Old NFO: Yep, there is no reverse gear in the Archer.