Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Curse You Red Biden!

I was going to go flying today.

The weather outside is delightful.

But the damn TFR is frightful.

Yep, right during my scheduled lesson time, Biden is visiting his Hamas and Hizb'allah supporters in Dearborn, Michigan [He's apparently going to  visit a Ford EV factory and talk up his spending bill for subsidizing Unions and electric vehicles].  The TFR includes Pontiac airport and stops flight training cold.

So, no flying for me.

 As much as I'm a fan of airshows, I don't want to have a starring role in causing one.


B said...

I wondered if that was gonna affect you.

Aaron said...

B: Turns out that we will see. There apparently is a cunning plan that complies with the TFR but still lets us fly being developed.

B said...

File IFR, depart the area, then cancel?
Get back in the reverse?

Aaron said...

B: Pretty much that.