Monday, May 17, 2021

Governor Half-Whit Just Dug Herself In Even Deeper

As it is often said, it's not the crime its the cover-up.

Here, the cover up may indeed be the crime.

As you may know, Governor Whitmer, after admonishing everyone else not to travel outside the state -- and especially not visit Florida! -- then flew to Florida for 4 days - and she got caught doing it.

She's been denying, accusing, ducking, and confabulating ever since.

Then the question as to how did she get there was asked.  Turns out she traveled on a private jet that happened to be owned by some wealthy Detroit businessmen.

A further question then was: What was the quid pro quo when a private jet owned by Detroit Businessmen took her there?

Now her newest lie to dig her out of the prior lies and omissions is that she claimed her non-profit Michigan Transition 2019 doing business as Executive Office Account paid for the flight.

So what is Michigan Transition 2019?  Allegedly it was formed as a non-profit designed to pay the costs of her 2019 inauguration but now does "other things" - So, can you say slush fund? 

So Michigan Transition 2019 paid for the flight and she claims to have reimbursed them $849, which is awfully generous of her considering the flight cost either $27,521, or $40k depending on who you ask.

There's a few problems with that.

The Detroit Free Press: FAA: Company that flew Whitmer to Florida not authorized to operate charter flights

This is a big deal.  The company that owns that plane can't legally operate charter flights and she and her minions have now just described the activity as a charter flight.


This can lead to serious sanctions against the company, and the FAA takes this kind of line-crossing rather seriously. You can lose your certificates over this sort of thing. 

You could say that Whitmer just threw the the plane under the bus.

Digging them in even deeper that that, their latest cover story is alleging that Michigan Transition 2019 paid the costs and received Whitmer's payment of $849 back in March when the trip took place.  

But, the organizations books only reflect these payments occurring in May,  and is dated after the details of the private jet came to light and people started asking how she got their and who paid for it. 

All that cover up and they forgot to backdate the books first?  How sloppy of them.

Anyone really believe her latest story?  Anyone?


dmurray said...

I still like, "Bueller? Bueller?" Maybe we can start a punchy chant like, "Perp walk, perp walk, perp walk," to stimulate public relations pressure to (big gasp) enforce law already codified.

Thanks for the post!

drjim said...

To quote Bart Simpson..."I Didn't Do It"....