Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Yet Again, PPOs Are Just Pieces Of Paper Only

And a piece of paper offers scant protection from scum bent on killing their former domestic partners.

The Detroit Free Press: Woman killed at Jo-Ann Fabrics had protection order against ex-boyfriend

As is typical in these cases, the PPO did not help.

Rachel Renee Duncan feared weeks ago that a former boyfriend could show up at her work and possibly kill her.

On Monday, police said, he did just that, murdering the 25-year-old fabric store employee inside the Jo-Ann Fabrics at 3750 W. Saginaw St. before turning the gun on himself.

It's a pity he didn't just off himself and instead had to involve an innocent in his worthlessness.

A PPO may help turn away the average gormless stalker schmuck that just doesn't comprehend that no means no.

It does nothing against people who have made actual threats of bodily harm against you and are bent on carrying them out. In such a case, the PPO is only helpful in documenting the threats to show you have a reasonable fear that they will do you bodily harm when they show up and you have to defend yourself. Failing, after getting a PPO, to have an adequate means of defending yourself from a known threat when they do show up is of no help.

Update: Just as Spikessib points out in the comment, the gun was not legally owned by him. Not only due to his not being allowed to have a firearm due to the PPO (this is most likely the case, the PPO form in Michigan has a checkbox prohibiting firearm possession that a judge pretty much always checks in such a situation, but it is unknown if that happened here) but the police have confirmed he was not the legal owner of the pistol used, and they're trying to figure out where he got it from. Oh, and he had been in a mental institution for a week after being detained by police, but had not been involuntarily committed nor apparently determined to be a threat to himself or others during his stay there. Lansing State Journal: Police: Shooter in murder-suicide at Jo-Ann Fabrics didn't own gun legally.

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Spikessib said...

JoAnn's is a declared gun-free zone, too. "Thank you for contacting us about the prohibition against concealed weapons and the sign posted at our Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. After thoughtful consideration, Jo-Ann decided to post the signs to create a comfortable shopping environment and experience for our customers. Jo-Ann recognizes that there are strong feelings on this issue, and that permit-holders are exercising their state right. Jo-Ann also is exercising its right under state law to post the sign. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you."

Also, the order prohibited him from purchasing or possessing a firearm. So he didn't have the gun legally.