Sunday, March 25, 2018

Flying: Today's Flight To KADG And Back

It was a fun flight today. Not a cloud in the sky, nice and sunny with a bit of wind.
I had planned a flight to KADG, Lenawee County Airport south of Ann Arbor. Weather brief indicated it would be a nice day with winds, that while gusting, would be right down the pipe at both 090 for KPTK and 050 for KADG. This seemed nice and I headed to the airport.

I did the preflight for Archer N8570F and got permission to taxi down to Runway 9L. The run-up area was rather crowded but everyine did their run-ups and then lined up to get onto 9L.

After quite a wait at the hold short line for 9L, I finally got clearance to enter the runway and takeoff to the Southwest. It was quite a busy time at the airport.

Since I was on my own, I had brought out the Go Pro, a new audio cable and a new suction cup and was eager to see how it would work. I had it attached to the passenger side window out of the way.

Not a bad capture of the takeoff:

Of course, after about 9 minutes of flying, the new suction cup detached itself from the window and the Go pro dropped nicely. No damage done but I wasn't going to futz around replacing it while flying. But, it was not a bad try for the first attempt, it's got a good audio feed, and I'll put the Go Pro up a little higher next time.

After the takeoff, a Cirrus was crossing over and above me going from 9R to the left and I was wanting to go to the right as advised by the tower. I didn't see him until he began his turn, so I stayed at my altitude until I saw him and all was well and we both went our separate ways with plenty of separation.

Then on the way to KADG, I hit some very light chop and the plane bounced around for a bit.

Made it to KADG with no problems, staying outside of Detroit's class B airspace and avoiding Ann Arbor's Class D.   By then KADG had quite a crosswind, not the wind right down the pipe for Runway 5 as forecast and was a definite pain, but it worked out ok with a heavy crosswind landing.

I then headed back to Pontiac and it was on the busy side again.

Of course,  the winds had shifted from 090 and moved to 110 and were gusting 11-16 knots. I was cleared first to 9R and told to  call and report a 2 mile right base. Once I hit two miles I was then told to switch to 9L, which was nice and convenient, and was cleared land.  And what a landing it was.  Simply a perfect crosswind landing and went from flying to rolling in a single smooth moment as the wheels touched down in sequence which was darn nice.

I then contacted ground and took the plane back to DCT and parked it and that was that.
1.6 hours of cross-country time and 2 landings.


B said...

In a month or so I'll meet you halfway for a burger. I'm out of OXI.

Aaron said...

Sounds like a plan!

B said...

What suction cup and audio cable did you use?

Email them to me if you could, please.

Aaron said...

B: Sent via email to you.