Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Flying Flight Review

So I had the ground portion for the flight review and then some flying today after work.

For 1.7 hours I got some ground in GPS and some review of charts and airspace which I aced. After all it hasn't been all that long from the check-ride. Since I knew what was going on I got to at least discuss some of the IFR questions I've been coming across so it wasn't a complete waste of time, but only nearly so.

Thence skyward. I did the preflight on the Warrior and off we went for some pattern. Low level windshear and a headwind of 16-20 knots coming from 300-260 made it interesting. Using Runway 27R it didn't take a lot of crosswind correction and I did 3 nice patterns and one short field and two regular landings as the wind shear was kinda sketchy at times, dropping 5-10 knots in airspeed at the drop of a hat, so i had to come in with a bit more airspeed.

Then the instructor got ut of the plane and I did 4 patterns and landings.

With the cold air and no weight, the Piper Warrior took off like a homesick angel. It's a sweet handling little plane.

With no one else on board and the strong headwind, I was consistently landing the plane and getting off at the Whiskey taxiway, which is pretty darn short, even as I was landing with a normal approach. Twenty knot headwinds will do that nicely. I suspect a short field landing procedure would have had me stopped at Romeo.

Fun, and I'm now qualified again to rent their aircraft, just need to fly there more regularly (in maximum 2 hour rental periods, which absolutely sucks) as I search for a good flight club for this summer.


B said...

Figure 480 or so a month, plus hangerage and insurance.

10 years, and you own it then. (assuming no down payment)

Annual about $2K per year.

Me; I want a 182 while I learn enough to get a SkyMaster.

Aaron said...

Yep, a couple of those are darn tempting.

It's close but with the monthly and hangar fees around here, they're just a bit out of reach. I'd likely enjoy a Warrior II but would want an Archer for the 200 lb payload increase but they're more expensive besides - then there's the Dakota.....

jon spencer said...

There is always split ownership.
But that requires a very, very clear contract between the owners.