Thursday, March 15, 2018

No Honor Among Gun Thugs

Criminals apparently tend to trade weapons, whether to upgrade, match their next weapon to suit their next criminal act, or to get evidence of a crime out of their hands.

The problem of course becomes: When you meet another criminal with a gun and you arrange to trade, what's to stop the other criminal from simply shooting you and taking your gun?

Apparently, not much.

The Detroit News: Teen, 17, charged in double murder over gun swap

The headline is, as usual, rather misleading and suggests a legal meetup reminiscent of a gun show. Not so much.

Police believe that around 2 p.m. on the 1600 block of Buena Vista — south of Davison, west of the John C. Lodge Freeway — the suspects and the victims were meeting up to swap guns: the victims' one gun for the suspects' two guns, police said.

Instead, police say the suspects robbed the victims and then opened fire on them. Blinco died at the scene. Trotter died at the hospital.

Suspect Pritchett was arraigned on Feb. 28 and ordered to be held without bond at Wayne County Jail as his case is decided. McNair was arraigned Wednesday and also ordered to be held without bond, and is at Wayne County Jail.

The guns involved have not been recovered.

It certainly seems like the victims didn't figure out that the offer to trade their one gun for the other thugs' two guns, which would appear to be a strange offer to make, wasn't a good deal until it was too late.

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