Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a continuation of Tash's birthday weekend.

The weather decided to cooperate and while its was a bit cold, it was sunny.

So we headed to Cantoro's Italian market for some shopping and then had a picnic in a park with the groceries for lunch.

Then on to an Escape Room in Novi for a family activity. We had originally planned to do this Saturday but there was a mixup at the Escape Room with the booking, and they fixed it by having us come back yesterday right when they opened. Kudos to them for fixing the problem and making it right.

We did the School of Magic room which was quite cool. Less logic and more puzzle/object finding and interactions with various objects to trip magnetic sensors that did various things, it was a lot of fun. Instead of being one room, it had multiple rooms and doors you had to figure out how to get through by solving various puzzles that would unlock the doors and sealed containers.

We escaped in 47 minutes, 13 minutes to spare. While not a record, we did beat some family friends who had done it with their family by a comfortable margin (they escaped at 55 minutes) so we did have bragging rights. Quite a fun and clever setup that was very enjoyable and the kids loved the "Hogwarts-not really Hogwarts we're not copyright infringing, no not us, uh uh"-type theme.

These escape rooms are quite the popular pursuit and quite the fun activity.

Then we dropped the kids off at a friend's house and then we went out to dinner with some of Tash's friends. After that her birthday weekend came to an end. A very nice time indeed and she enjoyed it immensely.

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drjim said...

We've been to a couple of the escape rooms here in Fort Collins. They're very popular here, and the last one we went to had a "puzzle" where you had to write down some Morse code that was coming over a radio.

I copied the message in my head, while the others used a listing of the dots and dashes vs the letters of the alphabet to try and decode it. It was the last puzzle to solve, and it gave the location of the key to the exit door.

I let the others struggle over the message, and when we were down to about 3 minutes, I went over, got the key, and let us out.