Sunday, March 04, 2018

Sunday Funday - To The Hogwarts Homecoming

I took Leah up to lake Orion and Canterbury Village where they were hosting the Hogwarts Homecoming.

A very Harry Potter themed event, it was hosted in a castle, no less.

We met up with a number of her friends and their parents and proceeded to see what there was to see and do.

First the kids had to take a seat and be sorted into their houses, and each got a nice oin with the house name and colors to wear.

Next we went to the "classroom" there were various activities like potions, charms, magical creatures and a detention with Dolores Umbridge.

Each one had its own activity such as making a "potion", a monster book of monsters, or in the case of Umbridge, a magical quill.

There was a also a Lego display where you could build your own Potter Lego Figure and some large built kits were shown off.

The Hogwarts Great Hall, as well as a lego train track with the Hogwarts Express complete with flying car on it.

A huge Pyramid display- really nicely done but not very Hogwart-related.

There was also a search for horcruxes where you had to wander the village and find them using the (relatively easy) clues provided.

Hufflepuff's cup was hidden in the cider mill shop:

The kids found all the horcruxes and each got a Hogwarts pin as a prize.

There was also buterbeer - Faygo Cream Soda topped with whip cream and butterscotch syrup. Seeing the Faygo bottle did take away some of the magic but it was refreshing after all that running around.

The kids all declared that they had had a very good time.

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MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Is this only in your neck of the woods?, The spousal unit and my son would like something like that. You Done good