Thursday, September 24, 2015

WGN TV Watchers, The Gell-Man Amnesia Effect On Line 1 For You

This post could also be titled "Really WGN, WTF?".

WGN TV ran a story about Yom Kippur with the following image in the background:

That's a pretty big gaffe right there, using a Nazi image to mark the Holiest Day in the Jewish year. It ranks highly on the WTF scale and has garnered national attention. WGN TV has apologized for the rather epic screw-up. Part of the apology was that they were too dumb to recognize that the symbol selected might be just a tad inappropriate.

Is it a Type 1 error, the typical error committed by journalists, where the image was chosen because the journalists/station crew involved really are that dumb and lack any historical understanding of what that image means or the subject they are addressing? That seems to be the basis of the apology.

Is it a Type 2 error where someone on staff decided to play a joke and no one removed it in time or figured it was a problem, reinforcing the stupidity of the Type 1?

Or is it a Type 3 intentional foul where some ass-hat decided to run it to be offensive and it slipped by everybody else, due to either the historical ignorance of a Type 1, or it really was quickly slipped past unbeknownst to everyone else?

In any case it hardly boosts confidence in the station to be accurate with any story they may carry if they can't get some very basic image issues right on what should be a complete puff-piece.

In any case, no worries dear watchers of WGN TV, you can be assured that all the other stories you may watch on the station are accurate, factual, and free of any bias, ignorance, or such blatant errors.

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