Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sunday Paintball Funday

Jason had called me up yesterday and asked if I wanted to go play some paintball today. His son was coming along.

I said yes, and it turned out that Abby was also interested in trying paintball for the first time. Leah was under the age limit so it was Abby and I off to the fields.

We played at Futureball Paintball, which was a great choice. They're pretty much the nicest run and most friendly staff of the three paintball fields I've been too here in Michigan. The players tended to be friendlier as well and it was a great place for a first timer to learn the paintball game.

With a variety of playing fields we signed up for the 9-1 playing time.

We got there, got our rental gear and signed the waivers, had or safety and rules orientation, and then we geared up and started playing.

Here's Abby all geared up and ready to go.

The day was sunny with barely a cloud in the sky and the temps in the high 80s, so we certainly felt the heat running around.

Abby soon got the idea of the game and quickly learned about taking cover, fire and movement, and covering fire as well as bounding forward. She was devilishly hard for the other team to hit and had a good habit of hiding and then popping up when least expected.

The best field we played on was the Urban field. First we had to defend the house and a cone in front of it from being touched by the opposing team, and on the next game we had to attack it.

We lost the first game even as we were doing pretty well in defending the area when one of their team pulled a trick and stayed by our side before the game started and then moved in to the area under the house, making everyone think he was on our team, and then he suddenly popped forward to grab the cone. Tricky, but a great sense of daring and style.

On the next game however we then got to attack. Jason, Jack, Abby and I worked our way around the back of the house, advancing in bounds and getting closer and closer in. We were pinned a few times by a guy using a full auto paintball marker but we were able to keep going.

Along with others we managed to take the house but the other team still had the area under the porch and would hit anyone coming out to grab the cone which happened to the first couple players that tried it.

I advanced edging along the wall outside of the house out of their sight and then telling the people in the house to cover me I dashed to the cone and got it, winning the game.

A few more games with the last two at the Futureball City field which was a lot of fun, and over a 1000 paintballs shot between Abby and myself, and we were done.

We then went to lunch and came home quite exhausted from running around in the heat all day. Abby handled her first paintball game like a champ and wants to do it again.

If we do this again, we're at least buying our own face shields as the rentals were very scratched up and crazed making vision not nearly as good as it could have been.

The after a shower and cleaning of the gear, we headed over to Jason's place with the family and two other families we know in common for a pool party and ended the day having a most excellent time with friends.

A great Sunday indeed.


Murphy's Law said...

Mix paintballs and airplanes and...

Old NFO said...

Glad y'all had fun! :-)

Aaron said...

ML: You'll get a nasty-gram from the FAA, right?

Old NFO: That we did. It's good for her to try new things.

Murphy's Law said...

The day Leah goes out to play this, I wanna watch...and put money on her. That one is a true warriorette.

Aaron said...

ML: Yes, in a couple years when she hits the age limit to be eligible to play, she's going to be one to watch.