Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Temco Super Pinto

The Temco Super Pinto is one of the rarest existing jet trainers.

All of 14 were produced, compare that to the 3,600 L-29 Delfins of similar age.

Used by the Navy for pilot training, The Pinto was the first jet aircraft in US Navy history where, in 1959, a pilot soloed an aircraft without any piston engine time at all.

In upgraded form with a lengthened fuselage and a hotter performing engine, it's known as the Super Pinto.

Only 8 Pinto aircraft of which 4 are Super Pintos are known to still exist, with one of them on display in the Philippines.

This one still flies around Oakland County, and I've seen it do some neat maneuvers by the airport.

Here's some video of it flying in 2012:

And now, for a shooting/aviation crossover, here's a video of Dillon Precision's Super Pinto in action, among many other cool Dillon things in the video.

The Super Pinto doesn't offer a lot of range, but it sure is fun to watch it go through its paces.

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