Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Recent Archaeological Find Links

There have been quite a few recent interesting archaeological discoveries in the news lately.

1. You know the Greek ship where they found the Antkytheria mechanism? Looks like there's even more artifacts being found there, farther below the sea bed.

2. An impressive sarcophagus, weighing 2 tons and 8.2 feet long, dating to the Roman period was found in Ashkelon, Israel this month.

3. A dig in Jerusalem found a (so far) unique pyramid-stepped staircase and platform from the Second Temple Period.

4. King Tut's tomb may not have contained just his mummy, but also his mummy's mummy: King Tut's Tomb May Hold the Secret Grave of His Mother Nefertiti.


Old NFO said...

Some interesting discoveries, and what's next???

SJ said...


I wouldn't like to be a construction crew where any digging might hit a archeological site.

The story from Ashkelon is kind of sad--the construction crew hid the sarcophagus, and poured concrete over the site.

Interestingly, Wikipedia has a picture of a different carved sarcophagus in its article on Ashkelon. The city must have had a few wealthy families who liked such things in Roman times.