Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Volunteering To E-Race Hunger

So this morning the family volunteered at the 5k Race/Family Fun Run To eRace Hunger to raise funds for a local food bank.

We ran the water station at the farthest end of the race course that was setup on the streets of Southfield, and handed out water to runners and directed them to make sure they stayed on the course.

We had motivational signs drawn up by the kids.

Sadly, my proposed sign - "Run Faster! The Zombies Are Catching Up!" - was vetoed.

So we worked the station, handing out water to runners and walkers passing by - some were very fast indeed and took the cups of water on the run without breaking their strides. Some took it as a fun family stroll and meandered by getting water on the way, which was more than fine too.

After all the racers and walkers had passed our point, we cleaned up the area and walked back to the starting point.

The race was a success and raised well over $7,000 for the food bank.

After the race, there was a family fun time going to various events setup on the Synagogue grounds and a nice picnic-type lunch.

A good time was had by all.

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