Tuesday, November 25, 2014

They're Growing Quite The Crop Of Special Snowflakes at University of Michigan

Tuition at University of Michigan is quite expensive, and as much as it's touted as world class for education it seems to have completely failed to teach these students both critical thinking skills and to question a media narrative.

The Detroit Free Press: Ferguson jury's decision stuns Ann Arbor, Detroit crowds
A crowd of more than 40 University of Michigan students and faculty sat almost completely still as the news flashed across the two large television screens in front of them – Darren Wilson was not going to be charged in the shooting of Michael Brown.
Then, an audible sob was heard. Many in the audience – both black and white – wiped away tears as they began processing the news.
The group then paused for four-and-a-half minutes of silence. Most in the crowd sat with their heads bowed or eyes closed tightly. One student pulled her hoodie up over her head.
Even after the official time of quiet was passed, most in the audience sat quietly, still trying to process what happened.
 Seriously? They were so invested in a faulty media narrative and their own race-based worldview that they can't process evidence or even consider the facts of the matter?
Then, the dams burst. One very emotional student said, "What is it going to take for my life to matter? This is so confirming of what any black person has fear of."
Here's a quick tip: In order for your life to matter, don't rob a store, don't assault a cop and don't grab his gun.  Especially don't grab a Black cop's gun as he's going to shot you even faster as he won't have to worry about a grand jury investigation and allegations of racism and rioting if he defends his life. 

Don't be a thug and you'll do just fine - but of course they apparently don't teach that truth at the University of Michigan.

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NotClauswitz said...

And not just Don't be a thug, and don't rob, etc., but DO something uplifting! BE a Good-Guy, BE a Helper, Be a person who GIVES and reaches out, be a person of THANKSGIVING - instead of a Taker and a Mooch and a Slug.
Be a LEARNER - oh, and and pull up your damn pants. Nobody wants to see your nasty-ass drawers.