Friday, November 14, 2014

One Of The Dumbest Race Card Displays in Detroit History

Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett, in a letter to help Robert Davis get his job back at the AFSCME Union claimed that his prosecution was racially motivated and that the criminal investigation and prosecution for his embezzlement of Highland Park School District funds was an example of
'what a black man in Detroit' is up against,'"
There's a little problem with the rabid waving of the race card in this case -- Davis plead guilty to the embezzlement and admitted to stealing at least $92,000 in Highland Park School District funds.

 So the Wayne County Clerk is backing a convicted felon and denying his felonious ways in the face of all the evidence, including his admission of guilt, to the contrary.

That tells you a little something about the way of the race card in Detroit and how Union Democrats stick together through thick, thin and the theft of public monies.

The Detroit News: Wayne Co. clerk: Davis' prosecution racially motivated.


Old NFO said...

Simply pathetic, but also symptomatic of their thought processes... sigh

Aaron said...

Indeed it is, and that it does.