Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Flying To An Air Museum

We went to Reading, PA and the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum.

The first plane we saw on landing was this classic Vickers Viscount, in Capital Airlines livery.

There was also a beautiful Lockheed Neptune and a C-47 on the tarmac

There were also helicopters, in various sad states of disrepair:

Right in front of the museum entrance was this Eastern Airlines Martin 4-0-4.

Entering the museum proper, we surprised the attendant who wondered how we got in through the back by the airfield. Well we flew in on a plane to the airfield at the back of the museum and so there we were. We paid our admission fee and looked around the hangar and indoor displays.

The hangar was packed to the gills with an assortment of classic aircraft:

Aircraft were hanging on walls and suspended from the ceiling.

On the upside there was no one else in the hangar with us so we had plenty of time to move from aircraft to aircraft, often ducking under wings and fuselages to see the next one in past the outside aircraft.

There was a very special aircraft indeed in the hangar, a P-61 Black Widow being restored to flying condition:

She doesn't look like much now, but in time she'll be back to looking something like this:

Murphy's Law has more pics and narrative of the visit as well.

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