Monday, November 10, 2014

Gratz Confounds Them Again

Apparently the idea that conservatives can be for equality and equal opportunity across the spectrum makes liberals' (and to be fair some conservatives as well) heads explode.

The Detroit News: Gay marriage finds odd bedfellow in Jen Gratz

Liberals just can't fathom how Jennifer Gratz, who successfully fought against discrimination due to affirmative action, could possibly be against discrimination in marriage.
From a conservative perspective, Gratz's defense of the voter-approved constitutional amendment barring affirmative action may seem at odds with her support of striking down the voter-approved amendment banning gay marriage. But given her passion for upholding the 14th Amendment, it makes sense.
Not just the 14th Amendment,  but the simple concepts of equality and that there's things the government simply shouldn't be sticking its nose into.  Probably the government would also be a lot more effective if it stayed out of such things and instead focussed on its core functions so it could get something done right.

Good on Gratz for confounding the simple-minded who can't fathom that she can be a complex and rational thinker and be consistently for real equality.

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