Saturday, October 18, 2014

Coming Soon: Ebola And Obama's CDC - The Seussical

Nurse: Can I travel after contact with Ebola and go with a fever on a plane?
CDC: Of course you can my dear, there's no shame!

Lab tech: Can I travel after exposure to Ebola on a ship?
CDC: Of course you can! Enjoy your trip!

Liberian Traveler: If from a place with Ebola can I come to Michigan?
CDC: As long as you state you're asymptomatic and self-monitor then come, come again!

Everyone Else: Will finally you stop travel from Ebola infected areas and impose quarantine to keep us all sane?
CDC: Never, that might interfere with Hope 'n' Change!

Feel free to add your own couplets in the comments.


Old NFO said...

American? We'll stop you from traveling. African? Come on in, don't worry about lying to the inspectors...

Aaron said...

This administration is letting their ideology blind them to reality and to ideologically refuse to implement known effective measures to protect Americans.

This is not good. It is an epic failure of leadership that may lead to an epic disaster.

Expatriate Owl said...

Nurse going off shift: May I travel on a boat?
CDC: Yes, go ahead aboard the boat!

Farmer: Could the vector be a goat?
CDC: It would not, could not be a goat!

Halloween Trick-or-Treater: Can I get it from a cat? Can I get it from a bat?
CDC: Oh, you mustn't talk like that. A cat or bat won't give you that!

Murphy's Law said...

And when asked why he won't bar travel from Ebola-stricken countries, President Obola stated that it would cause too much harm to their local economies. Therefore, 200 Liberians a day--and a like number from Sierra Leone and Guinea--just keep arriving.

OldAFSarge said...


Not a couplet I know
My anger to show
Country's gone to Hell
Sigh, oh well.

Karl said...

will I get it on a plane?
will I get it on a tram?

you will not get it on a plane.
you will not get it on a tram.
you will not get Ebola
you will not get it, Sam I Am.