Saturday, October 11, 2014

Michigan Republicans Don't Miss An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity

Obama and the Democrats favorability ratings are at a record low, matched only by their incompetence.

Obamacare is sucking the life out of the economy, people hate it and it's going to get worse.

EPA regs will harm Michigan's auto industry.

Obama's foreign policy is at best a shambles, at worst a complete disaster, as is his push for amnesty.

And Gary Peters has been a lock-step Obama supporter throughout this presidency that makes Jimmy Carter look good.

And the Michigan Republicans put up a candidate against him that can't capitalize on any of this and instead of winning with votes to spare is losing, and losing badly, mainly by running as the Democrat-lite candidate.

The Detroit News: Beckmann: The Terri Lynn Land autopsy

It's not over until election day, but seriously, there hasn't been a Republican Senator from Michgian since 1994, and its about time the party realizes they can't win by being Democrat-lite. Sheesh.

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Murphy's Law said...

It's true. Few people could lose that race like Terri and is losing it. Heck, Murphy and Belle could have run a better campaign.