Monday, October 20, 2014

From The Department Of US Bureaucratic Inertia And Bad Deals

Live, from the people who brought you such gaffes as approving Mohammed Atta's visa after he had already flown a jet into the World Trade Center comes the latest bit of revealed bureaucratic insanity:

Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security by U.S.

Yep, even after being deported for lying on their immigration applications for hiding their Nazi past, they continued to get social security. Total amounts paid out and the number of Nazis receiving this sweet deal is hard to discover, because the Social Security Administration has stated that there is

no exception in U.S. privacy law that "allows us to disclose information because the individual is a Nazi war criminal or an accused Nazi war criminal."

In other words, probably quite a number and think millions of taxpayer dollars funding nice retirements for Nazis.

Even Illinois Nazis have received Social Security after deportation:

Mueller immigrated to the U.S. in 1956 and settled in Skokie, Illinois. Then the Justice Department caught up with him. Mueller admitted he served as an SS guard in the Natzweiller concentration camp in France.

He voluntarily returned to Germany 1994. Mueller, 90, lives in a nursing home in Worms, Germany, according to family members.

And he continues to get Social Security payments to this day.