Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Postal Service Does It Again

So I sent a priority mail letter on September 20 with tracking from West Bloomfield MI To Waterford MI, mainly so I had proof of delivery but also for, you know, priority mail speed. Note you can drive the distance from the start and end points in about 45 minutes or so, in traffic.

The mail route instead looked like this:

Yes, the envelope went from West Bloomfield, south to Allen Park, MI, then even farther south to LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, back up to Allen Park and finally up north to Waterford arriving there finally today after noon.

An infirm person on crutches could have walked it over faster.



Old NFO said...

Makes one wonder doesn't it... Oh yeah, BROKE is what they are...

ProudHillbilly said...

Have you noticed that 'next day delivery' actually means 'sometime in the next few days'?