Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jett and The Deer

After walking Abby to the bus this morning, I was heading back to the house with Jett and he suddenly starts some serious barking.

After looking ahead of us, it wasn't hard to figure out why he was doing so:

Three deer, standing between two of our neighbors' houses as carefree as could be. The deer were quite interested in Jett's barking but didn't run away and instead continued to stand there and watch as we approached.

Moving closer and getting a better angle, I saw they weren't alone:

Yes, a full six-pack of suburban deer, just standing there and observing the comings and goings of people and canines. No real fear of humans nor any shyness, just standing there watching us approach.

They eventually took off as we got to almost touching distance, and Jett was quite proud of himself for defending the neighborhood from the interlopers.

Not a bad way to start a morning before heading to the office.


Scott said...

Have you considered a crossbow and a larger freezer?

Aaron said...

Scott: I would never admit to any such inclinations :-)