Friday, September 26, 2014

Backseat Drivers are Bad, Inept Backseat Thugs Are Worse

In what may prove to be an own goal, a 21-year old thug in Mt. Clemens, Michigan managed to shoot his buddy while they were in their car.

Let this be a lesson not to have armed felons sitting behind you playing with a gun while you're driving a vehicle. I figure the vast majority of my readers already know this common-sense bit of info, but for the few of you in Mt. Clemens that don't....

Michalke said the victim told police Hamilton accidentally fired a handgun from the back seat of a Pontiac Aztek in which he was riding Sept. 8. The bullet went through the front seat and struck in the back the 20-year-old victim who was driving the vehicle on Orchard Street.

Yet another reason not to own a Pontiac Aztek.

Adding to the fun, after accidentally shooting the driver the shooter punked out and ran off, only to be arrested later.

The victim said he drove to Mount Clemens High School where he got out of the car and collapsed. A school security guard found the man. Hamilton, police said, ran from the scene before police arrived.

And as a felon in possession he's getting a whole slew of charges justifiably heaped on him, likely to be pled down later.

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Old NFO said...

Stupidity... on SO many fronts!