Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kroger Rejects Gun Banners' Demand

Guns Save Lives: Moms Demand Action Asked to Leave Kroger Property in Lansing, Michigan

The pearl-clutching, gun-banning group Moms Demand Aktion loses yet again.

Basically Kroger simply follows state law regarding firearms, which is as it should be. No need for them to make a big deal of it.

Good on Kroger for not giving in to the pressure of an astro-turf pressure group that wishes to deprive Michigan's residents of their rights.

Guess I'll increase my shopping at Kroger. They're already stepping up and making their stores nicer around here and have decent product and produce selections and I'm already doing a good bit of shopping at my local store. Now I'll step it up some.

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Brigid said...

That's good news as I was going to stop shopping at mine if it went that way.