Thursday, March 29, 2012

Malik Shabazz Threatens to Burn Detroit Down if State Implements an Emergency Manager Or Takeover

In an example of peaceful rhetoric from the left, Minister Melik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party threatens to burn Detroit down if the State implements an EFM or otherwise moves to takeover the failed city.

The now de rigeur leftist call to violence when they fail to get their way seems to not draw a lot of attention.

View the video:

Of course, it is an open question as to whether anyone will notice a difference if he and his adherents do in fact burn Detroit down.

How that will help the situation is questionable, except perhaps opening up new swathes of territory for redevelopment.

After all, it was his power-base and policies supported by Shabazz that led to this financial mess that Detroit is in. Does Shabazz offer anything constructive to avoid a state takeover? of course not.

Of course, Detroit's leadership isn't either. The City Counsel and Mayor's latest proposal that amounts to "Hey State give us $137 Million, let us raise business and individual income taxes and don't tell us what to do".

Hilariously enough, Jesse Jackson is getting in on the action, claiming that any consent agreement would have to address the city;s high automobile insurance rates in order to be effective.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who attended the meeting with a delegation of Rainbow Push Coalition members, including local pastor the Rev. David Bullock of Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church, said the agreement is actually an emergency management plan in disguise.

“What the city needs is emergency reconstruction,” said Jackson. “An emergency management plan that does not deal with the highest car insurance rates in the country is not addressing the problem. That’s a big disincentive to live in the city.”

As if an emergency management plan can magically reduce insurance rates caused by the high amounts of automobile theft, uninsured drivers and suspended drivers driving in the city.

The situation is clearly desperate but not serious.

That what you get when a City runs out of money after living under decades of corrupt Democrat-one-party rule - no real solutions, only buck passing, inanity and pleas for the state to give them more money so they can keep doing what got them into the mess in the first place.

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