Sunday, March 04, 2012

Total Firearms' Indoor Glock Match - The March Session

Today was the third and final Indoor League Glock Match held at Total Firearms in Mason, MI.

As before, Rob and I got up at O-My_Gosh its early and headed to the range, stopping at Starbucks for some coffee as we went.

Exactly as before, the match staff were efficient, welcoming, and friendly and remembered us from our last shlep to the range in February.

Unlike the prior two outings, I actually shot better with the Glock 17 than the Glock 19. There were no misses with the Glock 17 this time but there was one unfathomable and un-findable miss with the 19 at 50 feet. Ah well, it'll keep me humble.

I shot a 487-11x with the Glock 17, my best score yet, and a 455-22x with the Glock 19. Not sure why the Glock 17 outperformed the Glock 19 this time.

Rob did pretty darn well too with both of them.

Not a bad way to end the league and a definite reminder that some practice in between matches is certainly called for.

With these scores, neither of us is in the running to win, except at the random drawing, but it was a lot of fun showing up and giving it a shot, or a hundred shots at a time in fact.

So I'm now home and just finished cleaning the pistols. In between the match and now, I was off at another range which I will blog about soon.

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