Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Detroit Keeps On Not Keepin' On

Yet another example of Detroit's government's corruption and incompetence, as reported by RightMichigan: An $11 Million dollar grant to provide business attire to low income people helped only 2 of the 400 people the money was allocated to help.

Its even worse then you understand that original program of $11 Million divided by 400 people is a budget of $27,500 per person. That's bad enough.

The expected overhead and administrative costs had to have been huge because I've never had a $27,500 clothes budget in my life. Heck, in 8 years as a Lawyer I haven't spent $27,500 in business clothes, so I must be shopping in all the wrong places. I'll note that I spent my own money on my business clothes and not taxpayer money at any time.

In addition, Detroit is also at risk for losing over $20 million is federal grant money due to a failure to be competent enough to spend it.

But not to worry, Detroit is fighting hammer and tongs (or is that hammer and sickle?) against an EFM being appointed to cut through the corruption and incompetence.

The Detroit News: Detroit wary of consent agreement its reported that:

it's not clear whether a consent agreement would win support from a City Council leery of further state intervention.

Bing has been opposed to the idea, although he says he would not oppose it if it were mandated by Gov. Rick Snyder.

One main concern is that a consent agreement actually would usher in an emergency manager more quickly.

Council President Charles Pugh is worried about who has the power to push through necessary changes and fears an emergency manager would be the end result if the agreement isn't carried out.

At this point it looks like Detroit is going to have to fail and fall, and fail and fall hard before any real fixing of their mess can begin.

Already the Detroit Free Press seems to demand and assume the rest of the state will bail Detroit out of its legacy of corruption and incompetence and overspending.

The only appropriate response the State should make to such a bailout request, unless it is accompanied by the complete removal of all control from the Detroit Mayor, Detroit City Council, and Detroit Unions and that the City is fully taken over by the state and everything starts from scratch is: "Oh Hell NO!"

That is all.