Friday, March 02, 2012

Don't Bring a Propane Torch To A Bat Fight

Well, this one is certainly different:

The Detroit News: Robbed by blowtorch, Pontiac clerk gets cash back with a bat

n 18-year-old Shelby Township man is in custody after allegedly attempting to rob a store with a propane torch and was later beaten by the baseball bat-wielding clerk.

Deputies were dispatched to an In & Out Party Store in the 600 block of University about 10:40 p.m. Wednesday where a clerk said a man, armed with a propane torch and lighter, had robbed the store

The victim said after handing over cash he grabbed a baseball bat and followed the man out of the store and smashed the suspect's car, windows and man several times and demanded the money back. The suspect handed over the case and sped off.
You're really not legally allowed to follow and beat a criminal after they're leaving the scene and are no longer an immediate threat to you, no matter how satisfying and morally right it can be to do so. As such, don't try this at home folks, at least not in Michigan.

However, it seems the clerk certainly taught the torch wielder quite the object lesson that stupid robbery attempts can be painful.

With luck and suitable prosecutorial discretion, only the criminal will be facing charges on this one.

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