Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dive 196 - Union Lake in March

Dive 196 took place in rather chilly 41 degree water today.

At the start of the dive we saw clown fish:

Everyone loves to see clown fish!

Then we got in the water.

Keith and Chad had just returned from a cave dive trip to Mexico diving many a cenote and had to be content with water far below the 70 degrees they enjoyed there.

Where did the senoritas, the cenotes and the warm water go?

We then headed out to the sunken boats:

Yes it is cold down here.

One of the boats has a nice old scuba tank complete with an old J-valve attached sitting on the bow:

That'll buff right out. and she'll be ready to go.....

The frame of the Model T form now supports a mirror so we can make sure we look good down there:

Mirror, Mirror on the Model-T, Who's the best diver a diver can be?

remains of the Model T

We didn't see any clown fish, or any other fish for that matter on this dive, but we did see some crayfish out amorously doing their thing:

41 Degrees, 22 minutes into the dive, max depth 29 feet.

Not a bad way to spend 30 minutes underwater on Sunday morning.


ProudHillbilly said...

Gives me cold chills to think about - dat water waaaay too cold to go in!

Scott said...

Do you wear your contacts when diving, or do you have prescription goggles?

Aaron said...

ProudHillbilly: With the right gear it is tolerable for awhile. Think a nice heated vest and a thick undergarment under the suit.

Scott: Contacts. That way if I have a mask problem I can switch to a backup mask or any of my dive buddys' backup masks without a problem.

It sucks during the no-mask drills as I need to have my eyes either shut or open just a bit to stop the contacts from getting washed out. Then again, in water that cold you want your eyelids tightly shut in any case or your eyeballs actually do freeze.