Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Michigan Proposals and Oakland Local Election Results

More thoughts on the national election results in a moment.

On the upside locally here in Michigan, Proposals 2-6 went down in flames, ending the Union-Green takeover attempt of the Constitution and ending Maroun's attempt to buy a slice of the Constitution. All good.

On the downside, Proposal 1 was defeated meaning no Emergency Manager Law and thus without such a law it means that Detroit better get ready for bankruptcy. Given the attitude of Detroiters who were opposed to the proposal, I have darn little sympathy. You voted for it, now you get to live with the results. Don't expect the rest of us to come bail you out.

The Oakland County results can be seen at the Detroit Free Press.

Unfortunately, Oakland county has been going from a prosperous though Country Club Republican Red to Blue. Refugees from Detroit and other locations in Wayne County have been moving here to escape that county's mis-management but then voting to bring about the same policies and Democrat leadership that caused the problem in the county they have left. (Sound familiar?).

On the Upside, L. Brooks Patterson was reelected as County Executive. While a Country Club Republican he at least knows that focusing on the economy is what matters, and a lot of Republicans would be better off if they got that hint.

On the downside two good Republicans fell to Democrat challengers, Bill Bullard Jr lost the County Clerk spot, and he's been a very effective County Clerk and John McCulloch lost his position as Water Resources Commissioner, again someone who was very effective. Democrats also held on easily to the County Treasurer and Prosecuting Attorney positions (to be fair, Dem Jessica Cooper is doing what is by all reports a good job there).

In West Bloomfield, Michelle Economou-Ureste of getting-a-ride-home-from-the-police-because-we're-tired fame was easily reelected, and the one Republican on the board of Trustees was lost, making it all Democrat Drama, all the time in the Township.

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