Sunday, November 25, 2012

And eiaftinfo Gets It In One

eiaftinfo said... "reloading table?"

And he's right.

From that.

To This:

To This:

Total time: about 4 hours. Total cost: $96 $90.25 (After returning some unopened finishing nail and a wood screw package after realizing I already had enough on hand) in wood and screws for a nice solid bench that will give years of reloading service. The bench beats the comparable manufactured alternatives in terms of both cost and solidity.

I haven't mounted the Dillon Press yet, as I'm thinking of picking up the strong mount for it.

I also took the time to thoroughly clean up the armory/dive room and got rid of a lot of old boxes and lots of accumulated junk that really didn't need to stick around anymore. As a result, not only does the bench fit, but it is a much more user-friendly space and you can actually see the carpet.

And that's $50 on its way via Paypal to Tam. I hope she uses it towards the medical bills or towards something to take her mind off things medical. $25 for the right guess and $25 just because.


Keads said...

Look nice Aaron!

eiaftinfo said...

Very nice!!! Care to share the plans?? That is pretty much next on my project list . . . .

Aaron said...

Keads: Thanks!

eiaftinfo: Certainly. If you'd like, email me at shekelblog at and I'll scan the plans in and send them to you.

Plans are very easy and straightforward (if I can do it you know they are such).

Six said...

It's beautiful Aaron. You have some mad skills there. Nicely done!

Aaron said...

Thanks. It took a fair bit of work and some occasional vocabulary expansion, but I got it done and I'm quite pleased with the results.