Saturday, November 17, 2012

Benghazi Story Significantly Changing Post-Election

First we have Petraeus testifying that it was known to be a terrorist attack immediately. He is completely contradicting his pre-election testimony that it was an act of a spontaneous mob.

Petraeus also stated the assessment that it was terrorism and that Al Qaeda was known to be behind it was changed by unspecified "others" to purportedly avoid Al Qaeda being tipped off that we knew it was them.

Ok then....

The State Department is now walking back its claim that it was due to the idiotic film clip and was sure enough, a terrorist attack. (Full article at the Washington Times).

The State Department is now trying to throw someone else under the bus for its previousl public statements:

The description of what transpired throws dramatic new twists into the changing picture of the Benghazi attack that Obama administration have fumbled to present. The Obama administration had said the attack was a spontaneous response to the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims”; it later claimed there was a protest against the film that terrorists suspected of al Qaeda links took advantage of to launch their attack.

When asked about those varying explanations, the State Department official said “that was not our conclusion” and that unspecified “others” could answer for their words.

Ok then....

Impressively convenient that these revelations come out after the election, now isn't it.

So, in the words of The Washington Times: Diplomats Died, Obama Lied.

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