Thursday, November 01, 2012

But Does The Car Come With A Wookie Suit?

Last evening, I saw this car in a parking lot. Politics can certainly be worn on more than just your sleeve:

Yes, Someone actually has gone out and bought RONPAUL as their license plate.

Since Ron Paul doesn't live in Michigan, this is a case of fandom gone wild.

As much fun as politics can be, when you're that far into a cult of personality that you pay to have a political figure's name on your vanity license plate, you've gone and moved into the little bit creepy territory.

Incidentally, this is one more decent reason to vote for Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul has a cult-like following.

Barack Obama has developed and consciously cultivated a cult-like following.

I'm pretty sure that Mitt Romney lacks both the charisma and inclination to pull off the whole cult-of-personality thing. And that's a good thing.

1 comment:

Six said...

The Paulites are just as hard to hold a conversation with as the Obamaites. One wears a Wookie suit, the other a giant rubber vagina.

Ah, choices.