Saturday, November 17, 2012

EPA Rejects Revising Ethanol, Eschews Email Production

The EPA is refusing to reduce the increase of mandated amount of ethanol in gasoline even as Congress requests they do so because of both the shortage of corn due to crop issues and that the new mandate will likely harm gas-powered engines.

EPA, always ready to help out corn farmers and greenies at the expense of everyone else. That the EPA declares their increased amount mandate was not found by them to be stopped as they didn't find evidence to support a finding of severe "economic harm" is hardly comforting. Nevermind, that automakers have declared the new ethanol 15 mixture will harm vehicles older than the 2013 models. Then again, that will force Americans to buy new cars - that should increase economic progress!

On top of the gasoline issue, Republicans in Congress have requested the EPA turn over the contents of its secret email accounts - accounts designed to get around FOIA.

Most transparent administration evah folks.

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