Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Losing Is Hard, Coming Back To Win Will be Harder

The Detroit Free Press asked its readers: In one word, tell us how you feel about the election

I answered: "Nuts!"

After all, it wasn't over after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and it sure ain't over now.

Yes, it will be a tough 4 years ahead, likely with a crappy economy and the liberals' ratchet being pulled evermore leftwards.

Now its time to have a drink or two to dwell over what should have been.

Pick yourself up and help figure out what went wrong, deal with it and do what it takes to rebuild and be ready for the next election with smart candidates that can campaign, are electable and savvy enough to deal with the campaign environment we have, rather than the one we'd like.

The election should have been an easy win for Romney but so many chances were blown by Republicans that never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Thank you Todd Akin (with a respectful salute to Senator McCaskill for choosing the most defeatable opponent possible - well done) and to Mourdock, you morons, for giving the Dems a golden opportunity for turning an election based on Obama's dismal performance in office to an election over "The Republicans will steal your lady parts".

Enough already with the stupid. Republicans better learn to vet candidates that know both some basic biology and just as importantly, how to not answer a question with the first stupid phrase that comes to mind.

Chris Christie being unable to remove his lips from Obama's nether regions similarly didn't help in the closing days of the campaign. Note To Christie: Kiss any dream of running as a Republican Presidential candidate Good-bye.

Of course, they didn't blow it alone, but you sometimes gotta wonder if the Republicans don't throw these elections on purpose.

Thank you MSM, including especially you CBS for withholding the Benghazi interview transcript you had September 12 that showed Obama was lying during the debate until two days before the election. And to all the rest of you in the MSM for making sure Fast and Furious never made any headway. And thanks to the LA Times for still not releasing the Rashid Khalidi tape.

Thanks also, Commission on Presidential Debates for ensuring all moderators were liberals with two of them actively intervening on Obama's side during the debates. Will Republicans ever learn that such a situation is not to be accepted?

Republicans next time better ignore the next "his turn" candidate for someone electable, smart and ready to do more than just appear presidential. That is not enough. In debates 2 and 3 Romney gave C+ answers when As were needed to boost his numbers, and appearing presidential doesn't cut it.

Its an uphill battle against the entrenched Democrat-Media complex and if you're not ready to fight it and fight hard while avoiding stupid 47% gaffes, don't run and let someone else step forth to do the job.

Already the Stock Market is down with news of the victory reacting to the upcoming financial storm that is almost sure to hit.

It's rough, it is both disappointing and annoying to lose what should have been a blow-out victory. But its not over and don't give up on America yet.

This is not over, there is still some life left in this Republic yet.

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ProudHillbilly said...

There are, however, many stupid people in this Republic, because they could have looked up Griswold v. Connecticut as easily as I did. But mindless "war against women" was much easier.