Friday, November 16, 2012

Israel In Obama's New And Improved Middle East

Hamas continues to fire rockets that have hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

It looks like Israel may expand the defensive measures to include ground forces to force Hamas to quit firing rockets at Israel. Hopefully that will be a success and they won't stop until they achieve a decisive victory against Hamas, or at least as decisive as possible before the UN and the US imposes a ceasefire to keep the conflict simmering.

Egypt's new (Obama supported) Muslim brotherhood government is coming out in support of its little-brother Muslim brotherhood Hamas and against Israel. Completely unexpected, at least by the Obama Administration.

Iran continues to move forward and accelerate its efforts toward making a nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile, there's protests against the king in Jordan.

The killing in Syria continues but has managed to slip out of the news except for Hillary offering Syria, presumably the new and improved anti-Syrian government coalition, $30 million in humanitarian aid.

And in a further example of Obama's smart new cohesive Middle East policy, just in time for the weekend: Iraq just released Hezbollah member Ali Mussa Daqduq and returned him to Lebanon, against US requests. So you know, Hezbollah's Daqdug was behind an attack in Iraq that killed 5 US soldiers. The US had him in custody in Iraq but under the Obama pull-out turned him over to the Iraqis and now he's free to kill more Americans.

How about that, Obama is just doing a bang-up job on Middle East policy.