Tuesday, November 06, 2012

More Michigan Democrat Electoral Dirty Tricks

Democrats pulled at least two dirty tricks in oakland county this election season:

First, in Oakland's 5th District, the Democrats wanted to oust John A. Scott as County Commissioner, so they ran their candidate Alexandria T. Riley and also ran an "independent" John Scott to confuse voters.

Nice trick, but I and others darn well saw though it and voted for the great Scott.

Second, I also saw this sign at lunch today. While it is not in my Congressional district, it is an interesting example of a visible Democrat Dirty Trick run amok on election day.

The only thing is, there is no real group Republicans for Dr. Taj. This "groups" seems to be comprised of an anonymous Facebook page and some signs. Just another Democrat Dirty Trick trying to throw an Congressional seat to the Dems.

Syed Taj is a Democrat facing Kenny Bentivolio, a Tea Party supported candidate that won the Republican primary. This occurred because the Republican lock-in candidate, Thaddeus McCotter, inexplicably and amazingly went down in flames after his idiot staff committed fraud on his candidacy petitions. There was certainly a lot of heat over Kenny winning the nomination and the Country Club wing of the Republican Party was not happy about it, but they did finally come around and support him.

These despicable Michigan Democrat tricks, while sadly typical of them, should hopefully be seen through by the voters.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Philly, Chicago, Detroit. All shining examples of dirty today.