Friday, November 09, 2012

May the People Of Detroit Enjoy The Government They Elected

Elections, as they say, have consequences, and in the case of Detroit one of those consequences will likely be bankruptcy.

The votes by Detroiters confuse leftist analysts: The Detroit Free Press Nancy Kaffer: Contradictory votes signal bigger budget trouble for city

Partially this is because this particular pundit doesn't understand what contradictory means. The again this is the same pundit that thought the Pyramids were publicly-funded arts projects - yes, really. As such, I didn't really expect all that much deep thought. Sure enough she doesn't offer much in her column.

Talk about mixed messages:

Detroit voters thunderingly defeated Public Act 4, the state's Emergency Manager Law, clearly signaling that they don't want unelected officials mucking about in city business.

At the same time, Detroit voters whompingly approved the city's Proposal C, which gives Detroit's corporation counsel, a mayoral appointee, the ability to act independently of the mayor and the Detroit City Council when she perceives that a violation of the Detroit City Charter is at hand -- a clear signal that Detroiters totally want unelected officials mucking about in city business.


No, you didn't miss anything. Like much in Detroit, it's complicated, and destined to get more so. Take away PA4 but add Prop C to the mix, and the result is serious financial and operational hurdles for a city that's already got problems aplenty.

It's only contradictory if you don't realize that Detroiters want: 1) The state to bail out Detroit and 2) They don't want the state to have any say over business as usual in Detroit.

Once you realize that its a simple matter to understand that Detroiters don't want a state appointed emergency manager that could overthrow the lock of the corrupt Democrat-Union alliance that has got them into this mess, and they somehow expect the Corporate counsel to go out and get that sweet state money for them under her legally laughable theories.

It's not contradictory, its simply Detroit.

In short with no EFM law, look to Detroit either filing bankruptcy or Snyder stepping in to bail the city out. There is now no real alternative.

If Snyder does that however, look for Michigan Republicans to sure as heck stay home come his reelection.

Detroit voted for it, now let them live with the consequences of their decision, perhaps Obama will now bail them out as thanks for reelecting him.

In addition, not content to just mess up the city, Detroit is sending a felon to the State House rather than the big house: 8-time felon from Detroit wins state House seat in Michigan. He joins another Democrat felon already in office: State Sen. Bert Johnson, D-Highland Park, pleaded no contest in a 1993 armed robbery.

Considering that Brian Banks may be charged with some new check bouncing felonies allegedly committed this year before he was elected, he might have a short term as a legislator.

From The Detroit News: 8-time felon from Detroit wins state House seat in Michigan

Detroit, the prime example of the result of Democrat policies fully applied.

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