Monday, November 05, 2012

Wowza, Romney Up By 1 In Michigan!?!

Elizabeth Foley, blogging at Instapundit, notes a Democrat poll that has Romney leading Michigan by 1 Point.

The Hill:

The poll, conducted by Democratic polling firm Baydoun-Foster for Fox 2 News Detroit, has Romney up 47-46 on Obama. The same polling firm pegged the race in Michigan a tie in a survey late October.

The poll is the first in Michigan since August to give Romney a lead, however, while Obama holds a 3.8 percent lead in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Baydoun-Foster’s Michigan polling has leaned more toward Romney than other Michigan surveys by several points throughout the final months of the campaign, a review of RCP’s Michigan polling shows.

As the Instapundit says, don't get cocky. After all, 1% is well inside statistical error range, but this result is impressive as all heck. Like I said before, if he can make it close in as blue a state as Michigan is, then he's seriously in contention.

If Mitt Romney can win the Mitten State, we're looking at a preference cascade blowout and we're looking at Bob Krumm's scenario 5.

So yes, there is a shot to beat Obama and take Michigan by 1% -- bit only if 100% of us get out there and vote. I'm darn well getting up bright and early tomorrow and heading to the polls to cast my vote for Romney. How about you?

Update: Apparently this particular pollster has quite the interesting background and may not be a pollster at all. Debbie Schlussel has the scoop, and a very interesting scoop it is.

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