Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Michigan Now In Play? Romney Now At 45% To Obama's 47!

Wow, who would have thought that this blue of blue states would wake up and go Romney?

The Detroit News: Poll: Romney closes gap on Obama in Michigan

That Michigan, home of the UAW and the blue state model could even be this competitive for Romney is awesome.

Hopefully Michigan is finally waking up to the destruction and corruption wrought by the Democrat blue state model leading to record foreclosures and unemployment. And They're perhaps realizing what continuing and expanding that model will mean for its citizens - more of the same economic disaster, but worse.

Obama jinxing the Tigers probably didn't help.

Michigan is now in play enough that Obama is now having to launch campaign ads here for the first time this election.

A Preference Cascade? Reality finally hitting the community? Let's hope so.

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