Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Syrian Conflict Introduces An Awesome-Cool New Shooting Position

Yep, the truce in Syria is unexpectedly yet officially over before it has even begun, with Syria launching heavy air strikes on its own population.

But in every human tragedy there is a bright side.

In this sad conflict, a new shooting position has been born, though I don't expect to see it at Camp Perry or indeed adopted by any Western military force anytime soon, if ever:

Yes, as can be seen even more clearly in the full picture, in all its glory, it's the all new Syrian Rebel Anti-Aircraft Shooting Position.

Now, Don't try that position at home folks, he's sure as heck not a professional, nor even an enlightened amateur.

The Great Benefits of this new position:

Stability: Uh, None.

Hit Probability: Uh, None.

Makes Noise: Oh, Yes.

Decent Ab Workout: Yes

Greatest Benefit of All: Nothing else says "I'm Insha'Allah Cool" like being curled up on your back with one leg jackknifed up in the air while you pop-off rounds into the sky at a fast-moving jet.

Add your own dubious benefits of this new position in the comments if you'd like.


Murphy's Law said...

The way he's trying to draw the belt under/around the gun to feed from the left side...ain't gonna work. It'll snag on something or twist and shut him down right quick.
Now if he had another idiot next to him to lie on HIS back and feed the belt, that might work.

Aaron said...

Hey, its a benefit if, like him, you're into kinky belts of ammo!

ProudHillbilly said...

340 Defense probably won't allow that one...

Aaron said...

PH: Yep, they're short by 20 degrees....

MSgt B said...

I do it shooting horizontally.
It's called "The 7.62mm Crane-Kick".

I learned it while I was an operator, operating in operations.

Aaron said...

MSgt B:

This guy apparently learned it in Very Special Education Operations.