Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dearbornistan A No-Go Zone For Israeli Flags?

Blazing Cat Fur has the story of how a motorist with an Israeli flag on his car had his car vandalized outside of Dearborn's Fordson high School.

Oh, and the Dearbornistan police then detained the motorist rather than the miscreant and also somehow ignored death threats directed at the driver.

Go check out Blazing Cat Fur's report and pictures.

Apparently the Dearbornistanis want to play Arabs and Infidels, and the Dearborn Police are on the Arab side. On top of that, they are resisting releasing police reports, which certainly calls at the very least for a FOIA request.

To top it off, the Detroit Free Press' "religious affairs" reporter lets his pro-arab bias through while tweeting about the event.

There's some good commentary on the event at Infidel Blogger's Alliance.

Assuming the events are true as related, Dearborn seems well on its way to becoming the full I-slamic fun zone.

Pathetic, and it doesn't bode well for Michigan or the USA that this can happen here.


ProudHillbilly said...

Yeah, not surprised. The fact that my daughter will be moving to St. Clair Shores has an up and a down. The up will be that she will be leaving a predominately black area that has horrible problems with black on black violence and crime as well as crime that sucks pretty much anybody in her area into it. The down will be that she will be moving to an area that is becoming more and more saturated with ethnic problems that are no better than the kind she is leaving.

Aaron said...

St. Clair Shores is pretty far from Dearbornistan. It's low crime and a nice place to be.